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2019年9月4日 2
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Hi! Great to hear that you have solved it. This English keyboard thingie is also new to me, thanks for sharing =D Have a great day!

2019年9月4日 1
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Closing Windows Notepad

Hi there! When you said you got a problem with closing Notepad, what was the problem? I used emulation to close an opening notepad and it works just fine for me. If you could please elaborate with capture...

2019年9月4日 10
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Phuong, Great that you have acttually solved it! It happened to me before too :( sorry I wasn't aware of your post here.

2019年4月11日 1
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Based on the description in the manual (for send_text node) "Depending on the IME version used by the OS, the text sent may be in an unconfirmed state (underlined, indicating that the text is in the process...

2019年1月29日 1
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I checked the OR-5200_operating_manual.pdf in page 358 about Send_Text Node and it stated that "Be careful when using the [Send return key] check box. Accidentally selecting this check box may cause OR-5200...

2019年1月29日 1
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How to use Node – Wait Window State

Hi :) Have you tried other option of "Change of Window State"? It has 5 option Until Displayed (the one you're using) Until Active Until Operable Until Disappeared Until Inactive Until Disoperable Maybe...

2019年1月9日 10
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Scenario Expiry

Hi there I think only scenario made in trial version has expiry date. Those made under paid license won't have any. So if you want to change the expiration date, you gotta buy the paid version and change...

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