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How to use User Forum

In order to serve all the users more effectively, please be aware of the following terms of use as listed below before using User Forum.


Purpose of Operating The primary purpose of using User Forum is active exchange of technical information among users. Open questions, answers, and relevant information do not necessary express NTT DATA’s official views. NTT DATA reserves the right to​ ​remove posted technical or product related information without notice when NTT​ DATA deems that the contents are inappropriate.​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​​ ​


The unit price and license related information cannot be the topic on this forum. Please contact us at Inquiry Form for the details.


Comment-posting for any business purposes is restricted.


The aims of User Forum are enhancing usability of our products and service quality through active and open exchange among users.

Privacy Policy In this User Forum, we comply with the Personal Information Protection Policy established by NTT DATA. The scope of use of the personal information collected is limited, and the information shall be handled appropriately within this scope.


We may directly contact users via email for conducting surveys, collecting information related to your posted or answered contents.

NOTE 1. Please do not post personally identifiable information (your real name, email address, product serial number, etc.). In case where any personally identifiable information are posted, NTT DATA will partially edit or remove it without notice.


2. NTT DATA reserves the right to remove the posted link to external sites when NTT DATA determines it inappropriate. Please repost without the removed link.


3. NTT DATA reserves the right to remove posted comments without notice when NTT DATA determines that it is discriminatory or against the purpose of this forum*.

*Including commercial uses, irrelevant link, duplication, slandering, threatening, countervandalism, emotional hurt to a third party, offensive, and excessive criticism.

How to join Account registration is required for posting question, answer, and “vote”.
Please register your email address. You will receive a message when your question is answered or commented. You will also receive a message when your answer is selected as the best answer.If you simply want to “read only”, account registration is not required.
Precautions for use Duplication

The same question might be already posted by other users, so please search for the similar questions before posting your question.


Private information

Do not post personally identifiable information (your real name, company name, department name, email address, home address, etc.). NTT DATA will partially edit or remove it without notice.



Please do not select several different categories for posting your question at once. If you are not sure what category you should select for your posting, please select 【Other】.



>>Details of scenario creation: Clarify product version, node/library names, and property contents.
Explain what action causes error, which part, what kind of problems, etc.

>>Error details: Describe the error message if appears.
You might receive more answers if you also describes the actions you’ve already tried.



Do not delete once posted question after your question is answered. The discussion will be a useful tip for other users who might have the similar question in future.


Answer from other users

After you receive answer or useful information from other users, please show your appreciation to them through written thank-you notes or “vote” button. Also, it would be nice if you feedback the results of their advices.



Please use only English when posting in this forum.

Forum Administrator Please contact the administrator at Forum Administrator for your feedback or requests on this User Forum.