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Development items and overview of WinDirector 1.4



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★Calendar Management by user ・Enable it to register, update, and delete calendar information for specifying job execution date by user
・Enable it to select registered business day information (by organization) on job registration schedule setting screen
★Bulk Change: Organization Management ・Enable it to change your affiliation or scenario at once
・Enable it to change affiliate information at once when affiliates of those who manage scenario or register job are changed
★Bulk Change: Device Management ・Enable it to conduct bulk change on registered device
★Bulk Change: User Management ・Create user bulk update screen
★Management Function for User Authorization Template ・Enable it to register, update, and delete information on user authorization template
・On user registration/update, enable it to select template registered by user authorizaion template registration/update
Multi-tenant capability ・Enable it to register/edit user information by company
Improved Job Management Function ・Add function to suspend/restart job (registration completed)
Execution Robot Management Function ・Enable it to detect pop-up as a cause of abnormal termination of scenario

★Function which assures a competitive advantage over others.

(as of September, 2018)

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