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FAQ for WinActor (Technical inquiries) 2019/05

FAQ for WinDirector 2018/06


  • In which countries can we sell WinActor?

    Our local corporations are supporting WinActor sales in countries outside of Japan. Please contact us for more details.

  • Which countries/regions are offering local supports?

    Currently we have sales partners in 10 countries/regions mainly in APAC including Japan. We are planning to increase the courtiers/regions. Please contact us for more details. Distributors List

  • What is the difference between Japanese version and English version in creating scenario.

    The product name of English version WinActor is WinActor. The displays and views are all in English. However, its functions are the same with that of WinActor, so you will find no difference in creating a scenario.

  • Can we use WinActor in Japan?

    You can also use WinActor within Japan. Please note that we only support those who are using it in English OS.

  • In which countries can we use WinActor?

    Please directly contact our distributors for more information. Or, please contact us using online inquiry form



  • Can WinActor run multiple scenarios simultaneously on a single PC?

    WinActor can not run multiple scenarios simultaneously, but it can always run multiple scenarios one-by-one continuously.


  • Can I have manuals written in English?

    Yes, all the manuals are provided in English. They are enclosed in the package tool of WinActor.

  • Is there a Chinese version (WinActor)?

    The Chinese version was released in September 2018.

    Please directly contact our distributors or send us your inquiry using the online inquiry form for more information.

  • Can we use scenarios created with WinActor (Japanese version) to run WinActor?

    Basically it is supposed to work somehow. However, characters written in Japanese will be garbled showing “□□□”, so the contents of scenario and message can not be read. Also, if variable name is written in Japanese, it may not appropriately run as it is garbled and unrecognizable.
    Given the conditions above, we do not recommend you not to reuse scenarios written in Japanese to run WinActor.

  • Is it possible to access to servers installed in Japan and control WinActor from outside of Japan?

    If you have an approval for export, it is possible.

  • How much is the unit price of the English version? (Full function edition/Replay function edition)

    Price equivalent to the Japanese version WinActor is recommended.
    However, the fixed price differs for each country, so our local partners (distributors) will inform you of the details.


  • Where can I find my license type, “Professional edition” or “Agent option”?

    You can find your license type in “License Information” in the folder “WinActor Delivery Notes”. Please refer to “1) WinActor License” for your license type. 


  • Can I change the version from Japanese to English after purchasing a full function license?

    We are afraid that you cannot change the version once a license is activated. Japanese version and English version are different products.

    You need to select the either version during purchase.

  • Is WinActor license HW-based, user-based or core-based?

    For Client version, it is HW-based. For Server version, it is user profile-based.

  • How do you share bug information and recovery files with users?

    Including version upgrade information, the relevant information and its communication means will be shared through our distributors.

  • Do I need to update scenario license when I update WinActor license?

    There is no expiration date for scenarios created in full-function version (professional edition).  You can delete the expiration date given to scenarios created in evaluation license in full-function version (professional edition).

  • Please let me know the procedure when a PC (WinActor installed) got damaged or missing?

    When your PC (WinActor installed) got damaged or missing, you can not do a series of required procedure (retreiving product ID, license clear, etc.) for changing your PC for WinActor.
    Please contact the service desk and explain the situation for further procedures.

  • I have more than one Windows user accounts for a single PC. How many license do I need to use WinActor?

    You can use WinActor with one license per PC.

Operating Environment

  • Are there any limitations of PC resolution for running WinActort?

    Setting “1024 X 768” or higher should be no problem.

  • Can I install WinActor in a server OS?

    WinActor version 4.3.0 or after versions can be installed in Server OS.
    As of January 2018, WinActort is compatible with windows server 2016.

  • Can I use WinActor under an environment where a thin client terminal is applied?

    If it is a client-independent server environment, you can use WinActor in the same way as you use it on a PC.

  • Are there any operational differences between 64bit and 32bit under the same OS?

    There is no operational difference between 64bit and 32bit.


  • Please tell me how to sell

    Let us introduce our distributors.
    They sell in combination with their product.


  • How long can I get an answer?

    You can get answer within 2 business days.

  • Are local supports available?

    Please directly contact our local partners (distributors) for the details.


  • What is the benefits of using WinDirector?

    You can manage each robot and execution schedule and prevent malicious use.
    Please check the our Products page for more details.

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