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WinActor is an RPA (Robotic Process Automation) solution developed by NTT Group. Having engaging functions proven by various business achievements, WinActor is aiming to be the RPA which is supporting humans’ activities and seeking constructive relations with humans.

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Features of WinActor

What can RPA do?

RPA automatically handles computer operations which have been performed by humans. RPA can process almost all kinds of operations without limiting the scope of work or the target applications for us.



Features of WinActor​ ​

WinActor is a software robot which learns and comprehends how to manipulate Windows applications. WinActor can automate almost all kinds of operations without limiting the target applications. The simple and easy scenario creation enables any users can easily utilize WinActor without programming skills. WinActor allows users to be flexible to determine when and where the streamlining plan will be implemented. Users can focus on their primary operations and new business chances by having WinActor take care of their routine operations.



The Features of WinActor (Details)

WinActor is equipped with various favorable features. The chart below shows WinActor’s features which are highly rated by the users.


What WinActor can handle for you

WinActor can handle Windows applications, internal systems, ERP, and OCR. From creating input data to uploading data in systems, WinActor automatically processes various operations for you. Also, users can flexibly select the levels of human intervention to be required for controlling a scenario.


Automate operations with WinActor

WinActor is easy and simple to use! Users are not required to have special skills such as programming knowledge for scenario creation. Users can automate operations on the very same day of installing WinActor. Also, users can easily add functions and edit contents in scenarios to meet the specific requirements of each operation.



How to automate operations ~Create Scenario~

Record your operations with WinActor. Start WinActor, select a recording mode, and then start PC operations as usual. WinActor automatically converts your PC manipulations into a flowchart for creating a scenario.


How to automate operations ~Edit Scenario~

Users can add Nodes and Libraries to the scenario which WinActor automatically creates by recording your PC manipulations or separately designate the target data to enhance its contents. The accuracy of reproducing humans operations will be increased by adding decision-making or looping processes. Users can find various kinds of frequently-used-operations in the Library. Using those libraries allows users to avoid recording every action to be required for a scenario creation. Your operations will be automatically converted to a flowchart. Users can visualize the contents by naming each node, which allows any users to understand and edit the contents.


How to automate operations ~Run Scenario~

The “Run” button starts running your scenario. The running speed is selectable in the range from 0 to 10 to streamline operations in terms of “quickness”. Users can even automate “starting WinActor” by using task scheduler.


Introduction Flow​ ​

Path for full-scale operation of RPA

NTT Data recommends the following RPA introduction flow.​ ​


1. Evaluation/Trial phase

・The 1-month evaluation license with fee and various training courses are available for users to learn about WinActor.

・Identify the operations to be automated in your company.

・Break down the selected operation into steps and create a scenario. Then, run the scenario to start a PDCA cycle.

2. Partial introduction phase​ ​

・Install WinActor in a few departments.

・Review the outcomes, challenges, and improvements after using evaluation license and develop a plan for full-scale operation.

・For RPA full-scale operation in company, develop an established structure and regulations to support and maintain RPA introduction.​ ​


3. Full-scale operation phase

・Maximize the know-how gained by using trial license on full scale introduction.

・RPA team leads ongoing improvements.


We offer various support services including “Consultation for applicable operations” which supports users to identify suitable operations and maximize RPA features in their business and “Training courses” for those who are aiming to improve their technical skills to utilize WinActor. From introduction to support after full-operation, please feel free to let us know if you have any questions!​ ​

Operating Environment

Hardware Environment

  • Windows7/8.1/10
Item Summary of Specifications
CPU Intel Pentium 4, 2.5 GHz or higher
Memory 2.0 GB or more
 Storage 3.0 GB of free space or more
Screen Capable of 1024 x 768 display resolution
Sound Capable of playing audio feedback as scenarios are recorded (including speakers)

Note: Not required when audio features are not used.

  • Windows Server 2016
Item Summary of Specifications
CPU x86bit or x64bit processor with SSE2, 2.5 GHz or higher 
Memory 2.0 GB or more
Storage 3.0 GB of free space or more
Screen Capable of 1024 x 768 display resolution
Sound Capable of playing audio feedback as scenarios are recorded (including speakers)

Note: Not required when audio features are not used.


*This recommended specification assumes the environment where a single WinActor or WinActor is running. If you expect the target applications will consume CPU, Memory, HDD, etc., please prepare a high-end hardware in advance.

*There might be a noticeable decline in its responsive where CPU, Memory, and HDD are operated at a hight rate.​ ​

Software Environment

Item Summary of Specifications
OS Microsoft Windows 7 Professional SP1
Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional update1
Microsoft Windows 10 Professional
Microsoft Windows Server 2016*The products mentioned above will be described as Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows Server in the following text.
Web browser The version of Microsoft Internet Explorer should be 11 where the target business applications use IE.
Application WinActor/WinActor stores value acquired from external files as variables or export execution results to external files during scenario running. The applicable file formats are csv and Excel (xls, xlsx, xlsm). For using Excel format, users are required to install Microsoft Office Excel 2010, 2013, or 2016 in advance.


*When multiple remote logins in a single Windows Server are made by a single user simultaneously, please disable “Clipboard Sharing”.​ ​

*WinActor/WinActor does not run properly when the operator of WinActor/WinActor is different from that of the target application.

*Touch-panel operation is out of scope of the recording function.

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