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Hello, can i help you?

2020年11月24日 1
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The Alt-key failed to run in emulation process.

May be you need move "Keyboard[Alt] Down" to under M,R,E.

2020年2月28日 10
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Office Robot can’t work with Excel Application completely.

your data sheet has not data? Config your excel as below: File->Options->Advanced->General tab: Uncheck "Ignore other applications that use Dynamic...." as image:

2019年10月30日 10
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It happended on every thing(Desktop, application, computer folder...). But some days ago I already fixed. Reason is Users permission on windows. Winactor is require Administrator and I need to create new...

2019年4月11日 1
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Emulation mode can not generate event

I don't know some PC fail with Emulation mode as image below! In my case that is Windows 10 pro 64bit.

2019年4月2日 3
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Use "Image-matching" is right in case of images not change for each loop. In my case(download many file) will be difficulty because each file have different name, meaning have different images for each...

2019年3月4日 1
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I already used this control. It's a verry power control when I downloand many file from website. Because a small file will be quickly downloaded but big file will be longtime to downloaded. Use "Wait_window_state"...

2019年3月4日 1
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2019年1月10日 30
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Scenario Expiry

Hi Shalom-san, For version 5200 you can refer 5.11.1 to see scenario information as image below: In that case you want to reuse scenario expired, I think you can import as Quan-san said above. Hope that...

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