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RPA is the perfect solution that delivers various advantages to users including reducing operating hours/cost and improving operational quality. No matter what industry you are in, PRA is a low cost and quick way to drive your workstyle innovation.

What is WinActor?

What is WinActor?

WinActor is a software robot developed by NTT Group and its technologies and experiences have been proven by various achievements.WinActor creates scenarios (work flow) to automate PC operations using both Windows applications and existing internal systems.

About ServiceFeatures of WinActor

WinActor can automate various operations thanks to its great capacity for adaptability. Without having special knowledge nor skills, users can achieve business improvement with WinActor’s strong support.

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Total Solution

NTT Data provides the total RPA solution with WinActor, which will automate and manage several operations in a consistent way.

  • WinActor

    WinActor automate various operations by recording humans actions made on Windows.WinActor is applicable to several applications including Windows Office and existing internal systems such as BPM and ERP.

  • Partner's Solution

    NTT Data has more than 100 distributors in various industries in several regions. We also offer package deals to combine WinActor with other services such as BPM tool, dispatching RPA specialized workers, applying WinActor to existing internal solutions or services, etc..

  • WinDirector

    WinDirector is a robot which manages and controls WinActor. Schedule-based scenario running and simultaneous scenario execution are available with WinDirector. Also, users can easily check execution results and status.

  • Prexifort-OCR

    Prexifort-OCR is a software which can convert paper-based written information into text data, such as data transcription from a paper invoice to a system. Prexifort-OCR with WinActor can automate operations in integrated manner.

Can't find the answer to your question? We can help!

  • WinActor QA team will directly answer your question quickly and sincerely.WinActor is easy to operate for anyone, but some may get confused by scenario creation or sometimes scenario may not be working as expected. For such cases, Web inquiry form/inquiry via email are available for any users who are using WinActor including free trial (evaluation) users.

  • Reliable Answer

    Your question is always answered by WinActor Official QA team providing reliable answer to your question. Moreover, our support is highly evaluated as easy-to-understand communications.

  • Unlimited Inquiry Acceptance

    There is no limit to the number of using our QA support.

  • The QA support is available for anyone including free trial (evaluation) users

    All users who are using WinActor including free trial (evaluation) users can also inquire technical related questions.